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Monday, March 08, 2010

How Celery Affects Gravity

This is actually quite funny once you understand that whoever is responsible for it had a healthy sense of humor. I don’t know who the girl is, or the photographer, or the circumstances of how, exactly, it came into existence. I really don’t even understand the Supergirl outfit here, maybe someone can explain that to me. But I know why it was done. And if you’ve ever been exposed some of the artwork of one Art Frahm, you would already be laughing and need no explanation. But even if you’re familiar with Art Frahm’s failure to grasp the relationship of what is normally the inability of the force of gravity to make underwear fall - all by itself - to the ankles of young ladies, the celery might have thrown you. It needs to be there, trust me. Or better yet, trust the wonderful James Lileks, his observations are much more clever and amusing concerning Frahm’s work than mine could ever be.

Read through this Lileks piece, written many several years ago, and it will all become apparent. Click through the images and enjoy yourselves.


Blogger tijuanagringo said...

guess what

7:15 PM, March 17, 2010  
Blogger tijuanagringo said...

Hotel las Rocas
km 38 (beneath the big Jesus several kms south of Popotla)

Viernes 19
15:30 hrs. Inauguración
Lic. Cesar Villegas Campoy,
Presidente de la Fundación Colosio.
C.P. Hugo Eduardo Torres Chabert,
Presidente Municipal de Rosarito.

16:00 hrs. MESA 1
Julieta González Irigoyen
Elizabeth Sobarzo
José Lobo
Ana Karina Balderábano

17:00 hrs. MESA 2
Aída Méndez
Juan Carlos Calderón
Olga García
Quetzalli Pérez
Constanza Casanova

18:00 hrs. MESA 3, “Homenaje a Rosina Conde”
Teresa Palau
Flora Calderón
Aída Méndez
Humberto Félix Berumen

Sábado 20
11:00 hrs. MESA 4
Poetas de Playas de Rosarito

12:00 hrs. MESA 5
Humberto Félix Berumen
Elizabeth Cassezús
Vango Crosthwaite
Claudia Franco

16:00 hrs. MESA 6
Flora Calderón
Daniel Charles Thomas
Darika Rina Ruiz
Mario Serrano

17:00 hrs. MESA 7
Teresa Palau
Andrea Vázquez
Lorena Mancillas

18:00 hrs. Entrega de reconocimientos
19:00 hrs. MESA 8
Laura Acevedo
Fran Ilich
Daimary Moreno
Elizabeth Algrávez

7:17 PM, March 17, 2010  
Blogger tijuanagringo said...

I get a free hotel room and a chance to sell my soul to hotel owners desperate for anyone to come stay


the war has begun, my friend

each time it takes ten years

and history

around again
and again

7:19 PM, March 17, 2010  
Blogger tijuanagringo said...

7:20 PM, March 17, 2010  

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